The Illinois Video Gaming Act (VGA) was signed into law on July 13, 2009.
It allows liquor pouring establishments to have up to 5 video gaming machines.

Licensed Establishments include:
– Restaurants and Bars
– Fraternal and Veterans Organizations
– Truck Stops

We will provide you with the expertise to assist you with:

– Free Consultation to determine the best equipment and services needed for your business.
– Current electronic collection equipment for accurate gathering and recording of your earnings.
– Maintained equipment
– 24/7 Support
– Guide you through the video gaming License Application Process.
– Help you create a Gaming Room Design.
– Introduction to bilingual legal counsel and resources to consult with.

This knowledge is built over decades of operational experience and is key to producing the highest possible revenue.
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Illinois Video Gaming Act (VGA) Highlights:
– These machines must be placed in age restricted areas within a location, so that only patrons 21 years old and above can play.
– Players can wager as little as 5 cents per play up to a maximum of 2 dollars per play.
– The maximum win per hand is $500.
– Machines will accept CASH ONLY and players will receive a voucher ticket for their winnings.
– All machines must be connected to the state’s central computer system, which will facilitate ticket validation, as well as provide all accounting data.

In this highly regulated business, you have to:
– invest in good accounting, legal, compliance, marketing, and technical resources.
– place the highest earning VGTs in your location.
– have experience to understand which paytables to employ, how to best place machines in your establishment, how to market and promote them, and how to attract players.

Illinois Coin Machine Operator Association now known as the Illinois Gaming Machine Operator’s Association.  For More Information Visit:

Illinois Gaming Law and Regulation
Video Gaming Administrative Code:

– Video Gaming Terminal Use Agreement
– Video Gaming Location License Application
– Personal Disclosure Form